The Rocco Books Series

The Rocco Books series brings delightful, vibrant dog characters and delightful storylines to young readers. Each book in the series tackles a specific situation that may cause fear or anxiety for some children.

In each book, Rocco ultimately chooses to be kind and courageous in conquering his fears. Children identify with the little dog and can look at a scary predicament through his eyes. This helps them to gain the confidence they need to cope with their specific situations.

Meet Some of the Cast of Characters

In addition to Rocco, your children will meet a colorful cast of human and canine characters who interact with the main character. Here are a few of the characters you will meet:

  • Little Jessie: Jessie is Rocco’s human. He lives with Jessie and her parents. Both Jessie and Rocco are young and learning to navigate life using courage and kindness.
  • Luke and Max: Rocco’s favorite playmates are Luke (a big, sweet plot hound) and Max, a little mixed breed dog. They get into trouble and often must learn to choose positive behaviors.
  • Sandy: A crossing guard dog in-training, Sandy knows the importance of safety. She always does the right thing, even when it’s tempting to be a naughty pup.
  • Zoey: Zoey is a cairn terrier who lives across the street from Rocco. She is silly, sweet, and has boundless energy. She wants to play all the time, even when it’s time to behave.
  • Ginny: A big, hardworking farm dog, Ginny knows how to wrangle all the silly puppies into place as easily as she can herd goats on her family’s farm. She is the voice of reason.
  • Gretchen: This German Shepherd loves nothing more than to run and play fetch. But she also learns the value of hard work and wants to become a pet therapy dog when she grows into adulthood.

These are just a few of the charming new friends your child will meet in the Rocco Books series.

The Rocco Books

Below is a list of titles in the Rocco Books Series:

  • Rocco Rides the School Bus
  • The Monster in Rocco’s Closet
  • Rocco Meets a Bully
Rocco Rides the School Bus Cover

Rocco Rides the School Bus

Ride along with Rocco as he faces his fear of getting on the school bus on his very first day of school.

Rocco might be frightened, but musters up all his courage and takes an important first step in his young life.

The Monster in Rocco's Closet

The Monster in Rocco's Closet

It is bedtime, but Rocco and Little Jessie have a problem. There’s a monster in the closet!

Meet a colorful cast of not-too-scary monsters and Rocco and Jessie face their fears! Children will learn the value of speaking up even when it is scary.

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Rocco Meets a Bully

Rocco is different than the other pups at his school. That specialness makes him a target of the class bully in this book.

Join Rocco as he uses kindness to conquer over the bully.