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The Rocco Books Mission

The Rocco Books series comes from the heart. The goal of each book is to show children that the characters use kindness and courage, even when they feel scared or anxious about a situation.

First and foremost, the series entertains and delights young readers with charming storylines and vibrant images. You’ll find it appropriate for any child.

Beyond that, the author also has a bigger goal—helping young children cope with anxiety.

Each book unpacks a child’s fear of a specific situation. For example, the first book, Rocco Rides the School Bus, discusses Rocco’s anxiety at separating from his family to get onto the school bus on his first- ever day of school. But through processing his feelings healthily, he ultimately works through those scary feelings.

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Author, Deborah Tayloe

The goal of every book in the Rocco Books series is to help children cope with anxiety. In a world where life changes so quickly, little ones often get confused. If you change their routine, take them from a familiar setting, or even introduce them to new people, the situation can make some children fall into a full-on meltdown.

However, Rocco demonstrates appropriate behavior carefully thought out to show little ones that it’s normal and acceptable if they feel afraid or anxious. This reassurance that even Rocco feels fearful sometimes helps them gain the confidence to conquer their uncertainties.

Is Rocco a Real Dog?

Most little ones have an urgent question to ask about Rocco.

“Is Rocco your real dog?”  Thankfully, my answer is, “yes!”

Rocco is a toy fox terrier and delightful addition to our family. He is now almost twelve years old and a little bit grey around the muzzle. Still, he shares plenty of snuggles and doggie kisses with everyone he meets, every day.

Other Titles in the Rocco Books Series

Check back every so often! New titles in the series are on the way.

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coming soon cover image

Reader Reviews

Here is what our verified readers have to say about the Rocco Books series.

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My children love Rocco and Jessie. They beg for me to read Rocco Rides the School Bus at least once a day! 

Luis Villasmil

Reader of the ‘Rocco Rides the School Bus’.

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Is a world of robots and electronics, it’s a nice change of pace to read a charming story of a little dog.

Michelle Hallington

Reader of the ‘Rocco Rides the School Bus’.

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